Around The World In 80 Days
Special Edition
Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days SOLITAIRE

The hot-air balloon engraved on the nib of the writing instrument honours Jules Vernes’ adventurous spirit and pays homage to his first novel Five Weeks in a Balloon.
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Montblanc Notebook #146, Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne wrote in French, but his works have always had an international appeal. Since the 1850s, his writing has been translated into approximately 150 languages—making him the second most translated author ever.
Meisterstück Tribute to the Book Around the World in 80 Days Spade & Heart Cufflinks

The card suits on the bracelets and cufflinks take inspiration from the card game played by Phileas Fogg and his friends during which the wager is made.
Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days Classique Fountain Pen

The steamboat on the cap was the main means of transport for the characters in the first leg of their journey from London to Bombay.

Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days Doué Classique Fountain Pen

The indigo blue and wave patterns on the writing instrument are inspired by the first leg of the journey across the Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal.
Montblanc Summit Lite Aluminium Grey and Leather Strap - Around the World in 80 Days

To coincide with the launch of the collection, Montblanc introduces a special edition of its Summit Lite smartwatch, so every race against the clock will be won.